Cooking fresh on the islands in the Indian Ocean

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For those of you who enjoy cooking as much as eating different foods allover the planet 🌍 this is a normal as watching TV.

Well, i started cooking curry and creole since our first time on the island.
But every-time we went back i’d find something new to taste and prepare myself;) Indian Ocean foods are full of flavor and very fishy but in the good way:) (lots of fish dishes)

This time i will leave here a simple recipe with a condition: please keep an eye on the cat or any other pets around the island:))) for the main ingredient for this dish is the fish or seafood or any other meat.

I left the chicken out for it to de-freeze (we ate the fish ad it was public holiday the next day) and overnight i heard a big noise like something fell on the ground and foot steps and some dragging sounds. In the middle of the nite!!

I went outside with the flash light on: ” Who is it? Go away!”

And than i saw the thief: ice-cold eyes, Adolf mustache, and the chicken box in it’s teeth!

“Put the chicken down you fluffy feline!” And at the same time i started laughing out loud and the cat got scared only to steal one piece of chicken and leave the tray behind.

So, i call this “Stolen chicken curry 🍛 “

Put 1 onion, diced, in a hot pan with oil to simmer and add 2 table spoons of mild curry and one tea spoon of hot curry powder.
Stir till mixed and add the meat (5 chicken drumstick 🍗).

Roast and then add two hand-full diced vegetables: green beans, red pepper, mango, cabbage and stir. Add two cups of water and one glass of beer and let it simmer. Season it with 1 table spoon of soya sauce.
Boil the basmati rice with a bit of salt.

In a bowl put 2 spoons of rice with 5-10 grams of salted butter and curry to your choice.

Bon appetite!

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