La Digue is where the heart is!

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You just need to take a leap of faith and I guarantee you will fall in love.

Better start to check out flight prices for that’s all that varies cost related. And the best time frame is from 10th January to the end of March to find the lowest rates on flight tickets.

Than again, if you follow closely our website:))) you can find some bargains at times. Or download the Hitlist app. Just that it doesn’t future push notifications.

Once you dealt with the airline tickets, it’s time to check the interisland transfer. I suggest the internal flight. Round trip for 2 persons Mahe – Praslin by plane costs 199 Euro plus ferry tickets to La Digue: 18 Euros. It’s a cost of 217 Euro versus 244 Euro for the direct ferry from Mahe to La Digue.

The difference is not very big in terms of money, but in terms of sea sicknessJ))) it means the world!

And the minute you arrive on the Island all the smells take you into vacation mood: coconut oil, sea breeze, fried fish, curry, frangipani and of course: sun screen scentsJ)). And as you get all mixed up from the fragrances, the views just.. you know how the ancient stories said that you souldn’t look in Medusa’s eyes for you turn to stone? Well: the sight of the shores, on La Digue, drive you senseless in awe.

The blue, turquoise, emerald greenish waters with foamed waves that kiss the white sand shore make you care not if it is sunrise or sunset. There is nothing more romantic than lovers footsteps in the pearly sand, leading to the coconut trees for a well deserved shade rest after a refreshing swim.

I could have just lived for the 2 weeks in the jungle shade, hired a bike and slept on the beach if only I could have not missed a single moment of sun kissing in the ocean.

But I didn’tJ)) We checked in the Garden of Eden aka Bois D’Amour. And got 2 bikes: Coffee (his) and Cream (hers)!

“Always better when we’re together” is the song that makes me think about my La Digue as my home away from home. By the way, thank you Alvis and Birgitt for sharing with us the story of becoming Bois D’amour and also that Jack Johnson is my new surf muse.

The guest house is the perfect place to be on the islands in Seychelles! It gives you the comfort and also the freedom you need to relax and enjoy your free time. Excellent help that always have this serene smile on their faces. They make you feel like everything is possible starting with the breakfast “bonzour” and the farewell on your way to the beach.

And if you miss your pets at home, don’t! You can choose from a variety of local pets: red fody – Piros that flies right next to the tea pot and knocks to make you aware that he’s hungryJ; bulbuls – crazy shouting birds, sunbirds – somewhat like hummingbirds only larger; chickens, cats and my fav: Gekos!

They’ll all be waiting for you outside your kitchen when it’s curry timeJ)

And, if you are not the cooking kind, please try all the take aways on the island. Our favourite is Gala Take Away. For only 50 rupees you can have whatever curry or creole food you so desire. And more: they have 3 of my favourite foods there: Home Made.

Nomero uno: banana chips (around 13 rupees – less that 1 euro) – the perfect crunchiness and mix of sweet & salty taste.

No2: the coconut nougat  – speechless!!!

No3: the banana caramel with vanilla icecream.

After you’ve tasted Gala, you have to get the Octopus curry (or creole) at Chez Jules. It is the s@#$7!

It’s 4 times more expensive than a normal take away BUT: you have the most beautiful view from diner which is not a 5* hotel, you can meet Jules – the giant tortoise and feed him, have the freshest passion fruit juice from their “garden”.

Food is excellent allover the island as in all Seychelles but I have to say that the spiciest and most flavored fish dishes I had at Alvis’ place. Yes, back in Bois D’amour!

Besides all these aromas, you have to check out every beach on the island: there is a beach dedicated to each and every seeker.

If you want to swim and surf there’s the south east beaches: Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Coco.

For wind surf there is the windy part in the north west at Anse Severe and near de Marina, La Domaine de L’Orangeraie and some more in the north east after Patratan, at Anse Patate, Gaulettes till Anse Bannane (near Chez Jules).

For Snorkeling you can check out every beach, for the coral reef is all around the island, but my favorite places you can find here.

For weddings J the most beautiful sunset is on Anse Source D’Argent and by the morning on Grand and Petite Anse.

PS: If I were to get married on La Digue, I would choose Grand Anse (that’s where the heart is at low tide).

So, there it is, the perfect island vacation looking up Orion’s Belt with the feet in the waters, satellites crossing the sky, Southern Cross and full Sagittarius sign over our heads.
Small waves, wish upon a falling star 💫, cold beers and good friends: golden moments on the Island 🌴.

With all my heart, I hope one day I’ll be a Digois or Seychellois at least!

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