Why the small one is always a favorite? For snorkeling and more!

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But of course we all know that the small one is always the favorite: the small kitty, the tiny starfish, the mini croissant. This also applies to the Seychelles biggest islands. Thus I say out loud that La Digue is my favorite and that’s why I call it The Island.

For three years I keep going back and never get bored. The top most wonderful beaches in the world are there. And not only according to me but according to Trip Advisor, Islands.com, National Geographic and many more.

True thing: I only started snorkeling in 2017. Donno why but this is it: I’m hooked to this mania and I fell as I was wrongfully kept away till now.

Either way these are the best snorkeling points on La Digue:


Snorkeling on Anse Coco

In my favorite spot I found 2 Parrot fishes, coral eating, blue-turquoise striped fish, scalars, sea bass, vertical stripes, horizontal lines, oblique ones, electric blue, bright yellow, black with orange, dark blue with yellow, green sequins, pink with brown circles all tropical 🏝 heaven in small underwater coral towns with arcades and streets filled with all shapes and sizes of fish🐠

Aaand the second day we had the pleasure of swimming with two manta rays:) they were as curious as we were about them 🙂 Till I got really freaky cause they got too close and swam out in no time:)

Snorkeling at Petit Anse

After a Rum coconut 🥥 on Petite Anse and following around a mother crab with baby eggs in the pouch: coconut man said, she’s cool, she’s my dog 🐕. I guess he’s got more than rum coconut to drink:). So we claimed the left side of the beach and made ourselves a den. But the real deal is still in the water, just that not too good eyesight. Because of the waves, the sand gets mixed up really high up and you can barely see. So you really have to wait for calmer waters.

Snorkeling at Anse Source d’Argent:

The most coral construction on the water edge on la Digue: the dead belt, with dead
Coral covered in seaweed on which different fish feed. And the live coral belt, home to thousand 🐡  like the Japanese fish, murena, sea snake 🐍, fishes seen on TV documentaries and Seychelles stamps, and huuge crabs in shell 🐚.

Snorkeling on Grand Anse

Red spotted parrot fish and black shadow fish kids alongside many, many small electric colored ones followed by the playful mirror fish that can make you spend the entire day in the water chasing waves.
Out at the wave breaking line, on the rocks, there’s a different battle: the clash of rock crabs 🦀. Self proclaimed “my place” disputes between several crabs are totally fun to watch.
And last but not least 2 yellow baby sharks, which are called lemon sharks by the locals came near shore to say “good bye”!

Laters La Digue!

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