Anti boredom remedies in long stopovers

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You can do a study on people without being a little intrusive. I had 3 hours for the rest of the four I slept like a bat. Wow was I sleepy!

I said that I found enough material to fit in the categories of travelers awaiting the next flight and at the same time some anti-boredom remedies:

Stress eaters

How they got down from the first race, if not from the direct departure, dropped out in the first restaurant / café as if there was the machine to kill the time. And he was wearing a copious meal. After that, he breathes the next fresh, and so the croissant in the chips and the last panic before the flight remember that they need to be hydrated. And then add the water with the addition of hazelnuts. After that they feel guilty and I only take a waffle 🙂

Tip: You’d better hydrate. The water is super indicated both in the diminishing of stress and hunger. And does not balloon you up like the menu from BK;)

The Readers

Sure they have at least 2 cards to them. One to read on flight. Another in stopovers. And eventually scrutinize the airport bookshop. Plus the monthly airline magazine. Which gives them another idea of ​​what to deepen during wifi life. And who knows how many e-books have been downloaded all this time …


Cheers! And a good night’s sleep. Because they want to get here or … not 😉 the idea is that I understand those with some fear of flying that they “sooth” with the euphoria of alcohol. I remember the first flight across the Atlantic :)))) I had seen someone’s cocktail up and then sleep. I could not: I talked like a broken mill 9 hours! So the story of alcohol and zzz is not fail proof, I’ll say!

Koala people

There are those with the fluffy friends’ regime: sleeps from the first 2 minutes of flight. They just wake up to eat and then fall asleep. It may also take a walk to the toilet but that’s all. Same as for stops. And you always see them looking for the perfect cuddling position. And arranging earplugs, pillows, patches and other things that help a fluffy sleep, even road mates: D

Tip for koala people: wear a “tube” scarf with you; stands well for eyes covers, warm up, the pillow and also may cut out the noise too.


Duty-free addicts

Here is a serious one: they are able to take a full stop to observe, compare and shake hands for the most diverse products. They want to be sure they have not missed any offer, they have covered the whole list of friends and personal desires. I say 5 hours of duty free may not be enough for some.

Tip: Set up a drastic budget and leave your cards with your partner: D

Smartphone addicts

The first thing I do is find the wifi password and the area with the best signal. The second most important is the great plug. They run like trained cats looking for free sockets: under the chairs, besides various columns, whispering with the bartenders for a few minutes of energizing.

Tip: Make yourself the gift of a power bank and a plug adapter;) they’re real lifesavers.

Pseudo anthropologists

There are people who do not get bored for a second watching all the other people around them. They are studying their behavior, and they would just note their special characteristics, but they still do not know exactly what to do. You can spend the longest stops without having other needs to be satisfied than looking around.

Running late

I should make a brief description but I do not have time to call us from the gate already: the 2nd time!

Hugs now!

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