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Kanegra. I just went of the phone with my mom. She told me the whereabouts of my father for the last couple of days. He’s producing brandy. Plum brandy, that is. And this reminded me of a story that happened last month, in Croatia. It was late in the evening, after a swim in the Adriatic and I was afraid of catching a cold. It was raining since two days now. And what’s the best remedy than a getting warm, at the tavern, with a Croatian homemade brandy? The waiter told us so. And even if “plum made” was all the Romanian words he knew, it was the real deal!

 As the years go by we keep going back to Croatia thus, I know now, this Croatian affair is a serious one. In fact, the initial plan was to stay in Slovenia but, there were too many variables to consider.

First one it was to take into account the last week of vacation. Unfortunately, for us, the two days we planned to stay in either Portorož or Piran, were totally booked. Whatever! We decided to follow the coastline, downwards, on the map. We finally reached the pine woods, for a stop, near the Adriatics, in a very interesting camping site.

So far, we were not camping type travelers. That’s also because we didn’t know how things are, out of season. Usually, midseason, these places are full of people, cars, dogs and various music. Well, good enough, Kanegra was totally different.

When out of season, people choose to follow the southern part of Croatia. Below Porec, towards Dubrovnik. But out here, at the Slovenian border, there’s an interesting mix of people. And this, makes Kanegra a place out of space and time. Kind of an idyllic bubble, if you may.

It rained for two days all around us. But in Kanegra, we even managed to take a sun bath. And i have to mention that the sea temperature was, even mid September, between 21 an 23rd degrees. It wasn’t all peaches for the elders though.

Oh, i forgot to tell you about the FKK area, haven’t I?! Only it’s not fun for everyone, in the rain. But it is full of romance!

What to make of Camping Kanegra?

If it’s going to be sunshine, than sunbathing and swimming it is. I’ve actually been swimming more than a couple of hours, all together. The water is extraordinary clear in all blue and greenish shades that you can imagine.


There are a couple of sports centers where you can do whatever you like. Well, maybe choose from basketball, volleyball, football or beach volley. And, throughout 2 or 3 areas in the camping there are micro parks and fitness outdoor gyms. Also, for kids, there are playgrounds that help taking out the energy in those little Duracell babies.

More to that, back to the water sports. One can rent body surf boards, windsurf equipment, snorkeling materials or giant inflatable flamingos. 😎

Our bungalow was so close to the water that I had the opportunity to take a bath right before breakfast, several during the day and even one late before bedtime. Well, not bedtime but before enjoying a glass of Malvazija.

The food

When it comes to eating and wine, Kanegra has everything. You have the possibility to chose between a pizzeria or a fancy restaurant, a 7 am patisserie or the everyday tavern. And more, you can always enjoy a home cooked meal in your own private bungalow. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, there’s always plan B: going out, at the oystery or the nearest town promenade.

The meals are distinctively Croatian: dried meats (prsut), fish plates (riba na buzaru), all kinds of sea food, oysters, mussels, different kinds of stew or grilled stuff. And for the peaky there’s always pizza, pasta and Swiss chard potatoes. Swiss Chard! There is nothing Swiss about this green stuff. But it really works with boiled potatoes and a pinch of garlic.


Please, don’t imagine some glam fashion store alley. It’s just a supermarket. With a twist. You can get almost anything. Starting with ice cream or swimming shoes. Or an inflatable swan. And a wide range of wines.


Kanegra looks exactly like a mini duplex neighborhood, or a charming little suburb. Entire rows of bungalows, winding through the pine wood. Three or four stars vacation rentals ready for couples or even big families. Or maybe a big friendly gang. We met a few and really got us thinking.

And if it’s your cup of tea, you can always choose a spot behind the barrier. Tents, motorhomes and camper vans. Even the FKK needs a check out. Degustibus.😋

In conclusion

We like camping. But somehow a bit different one from classic version and definitely something else than some of our childhood camping tents. 

In the end, we had fun, in a hidden corner of Eden, just inside of a pine scent bottle and also we discovered a new type of vacation. Not bad for two days of camping! Not bad at all! 

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