A writer’s City: Bacau

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I believe I am one of the few people who, as a student, liked Bacovia. I know where it’s all coming from and it has nothing to do with depression. My grandfather had a book in A5 format, with some purple graphics. Brilliant. Poems with short stanzas, such different words and drawings. I understood it directly. And without knowing the biography of the man, at 5-6 years old, the first thing I associated with him was the city of Bacau. Bac(ovia) from Bac(au). Isn’t that easy to remember?!

So I was not extremely surprised when I reached the middle of the Mărășești Road and found Bacovia, slightly bent, waiting for the rain to come over Bacau. I didn’t feel he was sad now either. He just looked worried. If he had a tablet in his hand, it would integrate perfectly into today’s society.

The Bulevard

The evening walk is the “thing” of the locals. The sidewalks are so wide that you can walk along with the whole gang almost in tandem without bothering the others passing by . With skateboards, bicycles or walking, everyone takes an evening move, at least to reach the Theater. Because that’s where everyone comes together. On the corner, at Luca’s.

From one end of the boulevard to the other, the promenade area looks like a true catwalk. Dresses, shoes, themed clothing, for weddings, sports shoes, tailors, footage, do they all follow you and what is that feeling? That is not “tacky” at all. It can also help the fact that a lady is playing quietly on the harp in the middle of the boulevard overheard until the cathedral and back. Romantic, isn’t it ?!

Good chow

The specialty of the area is clearly Italian. Most of the restaurants are for the lovers of pasta and pizza and coming up in the second place are the pretzels: Luca, Peter, Gigi, whatever you like. Anyway, you have no chance to get past the bagel shop and not even stick to a Luca with olives. Only if you’re running. The way that hot mozzarella spreads, it’s like nothing else in this world?!

Food Fun Fact

GELU Vikingelu’ is the most funny fastfood stuff I’ve come across in a while, a burger. And along come his brothers: Fritzy – wedges. To be found at the Viking’s, of course. Right across the Luca bagel shop. And for some extra kick, please add some hot cheese puffballs. That’s a burner!

Cancicov Park

The beautiful entrance with arches, allows you enter the generous walkways of the park, shaded by so many trees that you would not have the chance to find yourself on the way to the train station. Especially when the Carousel spins round and round and the cotton candy smell surrounds you.

The Red Palace of Bacau

The Red Palace is actually the palace of the Cantacuzino-Paşcanu-Waldemburg family and its name comes from the red brick from which it is built from. And it is not even in Bacau but 15 km outside the city limits, on the way to Piatra Neamț. In Lilieci. Even if there are not many signs in Bacau towards the castle, once you arrive in the village, on the DN, you cannot miss the entrance that leads into the middle of the dendrological park. The same park in which Sadoveanu’s “Dumbrava Minunata” was filmed many years ago. But this is another story yet to be told.

Breathing walls of Bacau

The street art in Bacau has turned life around. Literally. The latest art project in Bacau, sums up 700 meters of mural painting with a special kind of paint that filters the air just like a small forest.

Also, one of the paintings stands for the first braille painting in the world. There’s nothing else like a huge mural to wake one up. Especially if they represent powerful social and environmental message.

Honestly, Bacau is both romantic and artsy, and especially fashion. It is a must see and you should include it in your trip throughout Moldova.