Do you dare to visit the capital of sarcasm?

Somewhere in Europe there is a small and coquette capital city where you can wonder on the streets, enjoy the architecture, walk in parks, stop for a coffee (with excess alcohol) or you can be alone with your thoughts, without crowded tourists, or objectives and check lists. Can you guess what city it is?

Dublin, Irland’s capital is one of the most stylish cities I have ever visited. It has everything, in the right amounts: pubs for party lovers, museums for history lovers, old and beautiful buildings for those that want to make loots of pictures. To enjoy this city, I truly recommend visiting it in April – May or September – October.

Dublin’s residents are the most sarcastic but yer friendly people I have ever met. Once, we took a taxi to go to the port and feed the seals. And we were so excited about it! Instead of taking us there and taking our money, the driver returned from his seat and said: Seals? Have you seen the weather? There are no seals on this weather! But he did not send us home, he stayed for a bit and chatted with us and recommended what to see and then took us in front of the Kilmainham jail (which we did not visit because there was a long waiting cue of abut 40 minutes).

We did not see the jail, but here are some travel tips if you go to Dublin:

  1. Go to Guinness! Is a very interesting tour in this factory – museum and bonus, in the price of the ticket you get a free beer.

2. Don’t miss out on Jameson. Just like Guinness, at Jameson you will get an amazing tour and yes, you get a free drink here too.

3. Go from bar to bar on Temple Street. You cannot visit Dublin unless you try out this experience! All the bars have free drinks for the first orders and so, it will be a true challenge to resist throughout the night (or at least 2-3 bars).

4. To get out from this alcoholic area, I invite you to discover more on the local mythology at the Leprechauns’ National Museum. Must do: buy a book with local legends! They are savorous and will make a sensational reading on the way back home, in the plane.

5. Feed the seals in the harbor! For a few euro, you can get a fish bucket in the harbor and feed the fluffy seals (we did not manage to do this because of the weather so ask beforehand in the hotel if you have any chances to see the seals).

6. Take the local paper. It will be a delicious reading because the Irish are true masters of sarcasm.

7. Try the Irish coffee. But under no circumstances don’t try the Irish stew… is the most horrible dish I had in my entire life.

8. If you travel with kids, don’t miss out on: the Zoo, the National Wax Museum (although it’s not Madame Tussauds’s, can be a fun experience) and the Phoenix National Park (where animals run wild).

So, who dares?