Rome in five hours

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You know the „Rome wasn’t built in a day” story, right?!

Sure you do :)! But you can see it in a day and than go back home J)) Only we are not on our way back :))

We have 6 hours between flights aut of which it’ll take by 20-30 minutes to get out, 30 minutes cab ride downtown, plus an additional 30 minutes on the way back to the airport for the „whatever” needs to be done before our next flight.

So, you’ve got 4 hours or so, left for Rome.

As soon as you got into the taxi go “Dobbiamo andare alla Piazza del Popolo. Farlo rapido che mi mazza il cappo” and point towards the gentleman on your right (mwahaha).

This can easily give you an 10-15 minutes extra time for the stroll. And as you leave the cab say “un baccio amico mio” and fly away to your visiting route as following:

ATTENTION: You now have 3,5 hours left!

I recommend to go with Numero 1:

Starting Pizza del Popolo go 800 m towards  Piazza di Spagna, and see Scalinata di Trinita dei Monti. Pictures!

After, in 650 m, get to Fontana di Trevi, where you must have a Gelato (Urgent). Pictures!

In 650 m, you are at the Pantheon. Pic!

In another 450 meters in Piazza Navona and go another 350 m to the  Museum of  Rome.

In order to get the next 900 m to Piazza Venezia, you have to have „to go”, a Rossopomodoro pizza (buonissima)

In 200 m gaze at the Traian Column. Photos!

And in 450m , just start taking pictures alongside the next 1800 m for you are next to the Roman Forum and the walk takes you all the way down to the Colosseum

From the Colosseum, i recommend another walk to the  Circus Maximus, it’s only 900 m and you already had pizza 🙂

At this point you’d better start waving for a taxi for your time is up and you need to get to the airport.


Well, there’s always Version no 2:

Just replace “Piazza del Popolo” with Piazza di Ponte San’Angelo and cross the bridge to Sant’Angelo Castle and from there, in 950 m you reach the Saint Peter Square.

Somewhere along halfway, on the left of the road as you look at the Vatican, there’s a cute Cafe, where they make the most refined cappuccino. Be careful, there’s a spoiling alert there!

Once in the the Saint Peters Square you are technically in Vatican. And you can now choose how to spend your remaining 3 hours of visit.

Plan A: Visit the Sistine Chapel but it depends on how much time you have to spend on cue ‘cause it can take up a lot of time. Buying the tickets on line might just cut the cue time in half.

Plan B: Visit the St Peter Church (also ok with online tickets)

Plan C: take a walk along the Vatican gardens and admire the architecture.

For the rest of Rome 🙂 or the other visit version of your choice, you need to take another 2 week  vacation.

No kidding!

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