When is the best time to travel to Disneyland?

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The first time I ever traveled to Disneyland Paris was for my birthday, for my inner child. Since then, I have been 4 more times 🙂 but what I want to emphasize is that the first experience, as an adult-visitor was very special. Breaking news: Disneyland Paris is not a place just for children :p

My personal opinion is that you should not take children under 3 years old to Disneyland, unless you travel in France 🙂 We took our baby girl when she was 4 and for 3 days we had the best family holiday ever!

Section dedicated to those whom have never been to Disneyland Paris. In the “location” there are actually 3 main areas: the main park, that Disneyland you have seen in brochures or on TV, Disney Studios and Disney Food & Shopping Area also named Disney Village.

You can book tickets for both of the parks or just one of them. But for the Disney Village, access is free of charge.

After my 4 visits, I highly recommend that you stay at least 3 nights. If you travel with a child, my recommendation is to book an offer such as “2 at a price of 1” or “pay 3 nights, stay for 4”. All the hotels in the Marne-la-Valle area (where the parks are) offer free shuttles to the parks (on a 5 to 10 minutes regular bases) so there is no need to rent a car for this holiday. We chose Explorers Hotel, because it had a “explorers” theme for sure and for the indoor aqua park, so much appreciated after a day of long walks.

For me, since I am not a fan of crowds, the best time to visit is May or October. In both of the cases, the parks was not empty as you might imagine this is truly impossible J but, the time spend at the ques is extremely reduced.

If you travel in the fall time, you will have a bonus: the park will be dressed for Halloween and it looks fa-bu-lous!

It is a period appropriate for grown-ups and older children, not for small children that might get scared by ghosts, skeletons and pranks carried out by the parks’ personnel.

I got pranked by Goofy if you imagine J while my husband was taking a picture with me at Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Silly Goofy (love forever).

If you travel with small children, do not miss out on Disney Studios. Even if in the brochures you will see that there are a lot of attractions for adults such as the Aerosmith roller coaster (that will literally blow your away) or the Tower of Terror Hotel, there are also attractions for smaller children (3+): theatre shows at Animagique Theatre, or movies at CineMagique. And the new attractions of the park, the section dedicated to Remy and the movie Ratatouille, the only 3D attraction in the park, also open in Disney Studios.

One day for Disney Studios is enough but for the main park you need at least 2 days to enjoy the rides.

The food in the restaurants is pretty much fast food but you can also enjoy a special meal at Bistro Chez Remy (yes, Remy’s restaurant from Ratatouille) or you can book a table in the pirates’ grotto at Captain Jack’s. Both of them are a little pricey but the experience is worthwhile.

When travelling with kids at Disneyland Paris, check out for your pockets J because there are a lot of beautiful things to be bought everywhere and is really hard to restrain, even as an adult. So, we create the 1 object / day rule. And in order not to break our backs we agreed to buy the item before leaving the park.

Hard to respect the rule because .. Disneyland is the priceless joy of both parents and children!

See you soon 🙂

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