Any last minute Christmas Gifts?

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Yeah, I know that feeling! Christmas is nearly here and I still haven’t got the chances (intended) to buy all the presents. Why? Cause life happens and Santa’s got so many letters. And because everyone has some good that you simply just cannot not cherish.

I started so many times the naughty list but at the end of the day, everyone around me has contributed with a little bit of love to my whole year so what’s left to do but to give a little love back?

For those of you, cause I solved it, who are in time crisis, gift idea blockage and for so many other reasons don’t know what to gift, here is my advice: buy a round trip ticket for those destinations that are low cost right now. Or the accommodation. Or both, depending on your budget.

Suggestions for plane tickets:

Tickets starting from 11th of January to late February, even March are bargains right now.

On, I found one way to Rome from Bucharest with hand luggage and cabin luggage for only 14,73 euro.

Also Qatar and Tap Portugal have very deals for the beginning of the year.

Hacks: One of you can make a year subscription to WizzAir, you split the cost with your “partners in crime” – 30 euros and you travel the entire year on discounts up to 20% per trip.

Suggestions for accommodations:

Remember that vacation you intended to take for the Rusalii holidays? Check out the 26-28th of May 2018 weekend and book now, you’ll get great deals on “Booking” and “Agoda”.

Hacks: I got a 10% deal on booking for being a “genius” user alone. And a “today deal” for 48% off the regular price. Not too many people plan vacations in advance such as 6-12 months before.

I know it’s not a big gift idea but you could take someone or all the family or friends by surprise. I had an awesome time the last time I went on a city break with my friends: we started as 2 and we ended up as over 10 people roaming in Barcelona! Nice memories, I tell ya!

And if this doesn’t help, you can always bake cookies. I like cookies!

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