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There is a place in this world where it is safe to travel, where you find virgin beaches, where people are nice and there are no hurricanes.  My „rabbit hole”:)

I do want to share it but shhhh keep my secret and don’t tell anyone.

One happy island. This is their motto. And they live by it like Christians live by Bible.

This island has a little bit for everyone: blue turquoise waters, large, not very crowded beaches, jeep safari for the adventurous,  shipwrecks for scuba diving fans, submarine adventures for kids and looots of aloe vera traditional products. They do love aloe vera 🙂

For me, Aruba was the first place I envisioned myself living besides my native home.

Here’s why:

1) The beaches are amazing!

Eagle Beach is the „mainstream beach” with its neighbor, Fisherman’s Hut, the „sporty” beach. Being of the most touristic beaches on the island, you will find here kite-surfers, windsurfers and other sport enthusiasts living in perfect harmony with the lazy tourists such as myself, just lying on the sand.

You might get a chance to windsurf along Sarah Quinta Offringa, Aruba’s sweetheart and 12 time World Champion Windsurfer. Sending our big love to her!

If you want to kayak, check out Mangel Halto and its beautiful mangroves.

And if you want  a virgin, remote beach, go to Boca Grandi. You might get lucky enough to see  turtles or crabs finding their way to the water.

2) Aruba has 365 days of good weather

Yes, Aruba is the sunny Paradise of the Carraibean.  There is no „touristic season”.

And along with her „sisters” Curacao & Bonaire, they are also the safest islands in terms of weather. They are called ABC Islands and are 3 lucky islands just under the Hurricane Belt so no crazy hurricanes or storms here.

3) They know how to party!

Aruba is not a „clubbing” or beach bar destination but when they party .. they do it with style. In November, each year the whole country stops for the Carnival!

Costumes, lights, parades, all you can imagine & more… they have it!

4) Aruba is always surprising

With all the tips & tricks from internet, you will still find secret spots where you can enjoy this always surprising island.

PS:  Did I mention that you can also see flamingos on the island? 🙂


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