Top 5 Best European Airline Hubs

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The time is almost here for our next long flight and connections are the most important part of the affair. So, I remembered some of my fav airport hubs in Europe, and it has nothing to do with shopping. And some depicted in several debates over the years. Bottom line: non of them are to be on our connection hub but still, here are the top 5 in Europe.

1.Munich International

It’s rated as the best ease of use airport but that’s not why I made it my first choice. The real reasons? They have an actual brewery on the premises which you can visit. Yes indeed. They brew their own beer in the Airbrau craft shop and it is compliant to the Purity Decree of 1516.

And second, there is a Kinderland on site, where families can have, besides the usual fun: birthday partiesJ

2. Schiphol, Amsterdam

First things first. They have pay-per-showers. No fishy business here.

Second, they have an art museum in an annex to the airport

And third: you can get to the center of Amsterdam in 1,2,3..Bam! You’re having a city tour.


3. Heathrow, London

I know I said it has nothing to do with shopping BUT: Terminal 5. Just reach T5 and you will find yourself around Harrods, Tiffany & Co and maybe get a Gordon Ramsay cuisine taste.

And after getting tired, of not shopping, you can take a Yotel cabin offer. For 40 $, the T4 en suite bathroom and comfy beds offers a not so bad layover after all.


4. Zurich

They offer bicycle and inline skate rentals for the extended layover:)

And besides the fact you can reach the mid town of Zurich in no time, it’s just 10 km from the airport, you can take a trip to the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne


5. Dublin (new entry)

Don’t laugh, but Aer Lingus has very competitive fares for over the ocean flights.

Dublin has the lowest rates of flight cancellations out of 40 most European airports.

For a trip downtown you pay 12 Euro round trip by Dublin Bus.

And besides all of the above, every airport is a master in shopping experience, not that i would 😉

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