On the road to Sirmione

Well, now, I’m not really going to tell you the entire road trip story. Just the part in how we got to Sirmione by bicycle. We left Peschiera del Garda early in the morning on winding roads, along the lake. Right up to the Castle gates. Yes indeed! Sirmione is a citadel and yes, it has a Castle. 

I believe that what makes me wonder, travel I mean, is the thirst for knowledge. What do people do, how they end up where they are and most important: I want to know how they found happiness. And in Italy, well, La Dolce Vita is plenty! And of course, Sirmione is one of the places for experiencing the science of doing nothing.

Do you know that news that said, the Dutch literally just found out the concept of doing nothing?! I believe it’s called “Niksen”. Well, may the entire Netherlands take a break cause “la dolce far niente” has already been in place here, in the blue peninsula. For years!

Dolce far niente in Sirmione

As I was saying, we got to Sirmione after a bycicle trip on the shores of Garda Lake. And as I got to a point of 20 kilometer ride, I felt entitled to a little break. Therefore, I started with a little dip in the lake. A pretty short one, just to get a glimpse of the sun, or two.

Leisure time

As we were descending into Sirmone, I remembered I needed a post card and a few stamps. Just in time for a perfect inspiring “cappuccio”. And just how is the perfect cappuccino? Imagine this! The milk foam is so smooth and creamy that as you sprinkle the sugar on, it holds the sugar just enough to make your taste buds dance right before the coffee taste sooths the lips.

It almost makes you cry as you gaze over the cup at the fancy cars, rolling down the alley.

Castello Scaligero

One of the most complete and best preserved castles in Italy. That’s what Wikipedia says as you google the Scaligero. All good but, as you spend some more time in Italy, one might find a lot of very well preserved castles. Because these people have much respect for their history, traditions and they’re also, very good businessmen. And you know how tourism holds the economy up just like a Wonderbra. Whatever! The citadel is always full with tourists. Always. But, if you need a short break from the crowd, the best chance is to take a shot at visiting the medieval exposition within the castle walls.

The Beach

I just love laying out in the sun. Adore it.  Thus, as I see a sunny spot, small, flat land, I lay down to get some Vitamin D and a well-deserved break.  Ah, sweet nothing! And as the citadel is technically surrounded by water, Sirmione is in fact an all-around beach.  Sunbathing on the rocks, on the pebble beach, on the docs, the grass in the park or even on the floating lake platforms. Or you might choose the pedal boat. But that means work.

Villa Callas

Just before sundown, my internal clock decided to ring for dinner. Thus, we started looking for the perfect feast spot. Sirmione. Full with idyllic alleys, crooked streets going up and down, or simply just descending into inner lanes right down to some gorgeous villa. And one of these wonderful villas belonged to none other than Maria Callas. Iar una dintre aceste vile minunate a fost a nimeni alteia decât a Mariei Callas. To many a temptation, a muse to others and to the world, the opera voice. This woman fascinates me. As her unmistakable style still resides in Sirminone, it seems like Italy was hers and her, I still hope to see her in the garden, looking at the sunset behind the Dolomites.

Unmistakable taste

The perfect pizza! That’s all I can say about the amazing food I had at the Doc Pub. I found myself betraying the north cause and I had a Sicilian but he maintained the tradition with a Margherita. And, in the end, the cherry on top, we shared a Tiramisu. Everything joined with a wine toast to us 4: the two of us and our reflections in the Catullo Hotel window shops. Impeccable! Let’s do it again!

What did I miss?

One more week! I didn’t get a chance to visit Thermes, there are several spas in the Sirmione citadel that should be tried at least once.

Wine tasting and trufle pasta tasting. One can only eat so much in a day but, in a week time, one can only hope for more.

The lake boat ride. There are short rides and long rides. Dinner boat rides or brunch time. Of course, all of them joined with a splash of prosecco.

ShoppingJ or maybe we leave this for some other places. But at least one limoncello we can stash in the bike’s top case. For later, on the terrace, listening to Callas in the background.

Have a safe trip to Sirmione!