My Lefkada and her turquoise waters

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In 2012, when I was the first time, Lefkada was not listed in any tourist guide. We come here for the kite lessons. And it was a delightful discovery: a true gem island, with beaches listed in the world’s top 10 beaches and delicious food.

Since then I have been 4 times because Lefkada is one of the few places I can go every year without getting bored.

Egremni was my favorite beach in Lefkada. You had to climb and descend 300 steps to get to it but it is worth it! Unfortunately, Egremni is no longer open to tourists since November 2015 when, following an earthquake, the shore collapsed over the beach.

But there are other beautiful beaches, to choose from:

  • If you’re travelling with children, I recommend Kathisma Beach near Agios Nikitas because it has fine sand and generous beach width, so the little ones can run, can make sand castles. The good news is that close to the parking area, there are all kinds of beach bars and mothers & Dads can enjoy coffee while kids have fun on the beach
  • for adventurous adults, although Egremni has collapsed, there is still a gorgeous beach available with a spectacular road. You can go by scooter, bicycle or even the car to Kalamitsi. The road is very serpent and passes through olive orchids. Unfortunately, the beach is rocky and full of pebbles. But the colour, oh, its colour is great! Don’t forget to pack and take everything you need (water, snacks, beer) because here you will not find any store.
  • for kitesurfing amateurs, Agios Ioannis is the ideal place. There are no waves in this area and the wind is onshore, so you will not miss out on the equipment
  • windsurf enthusiasts have to go south to Vasiliki
  • those who want to party on the beach, like bars & taverns, go to Nidri!
  • for “photographers”, Porto Katsiki is the place to be, to take pictures with the most turquoise water in the world.

In Lefkada, I did not go wrong with food J, the food was great everywhere, but I will also recommend a tavern: Klimataria in Agios Nikitas is a family tavern, run by a Romanian lady. Every year we go to her, at least for a meal. And with the accommodation you can not really make mistakes, because you have a lot of choices.

I have to go, I’m going to look for some offers, because I feel that this year we are going to Lefkada once more!

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