Where off of to, 2018?

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This year has been kind to us in terms of discovering new places. So, I think it’s time to plan 2018 ahead. Not that some of us, me :), haven’t kind o’ did it already.

To tell you the truth, I was in competition with myself until Christmas.

By the end of 2017, we already knew where we’ll be spending the 2018 New Years’ Eve and also dreamed of the in country expeditions.

Well, this time it’s a bit different: we haven’t set foot yet in 2018 but we already have saved the dates for two fabulous destinations. And I hope that the fun part of the last years to come again by upgrading the games in the last minutes will not fail me.

And if you have the same tingling feeling, like us, that you just need to save the dates for new adventures, don’t worry. You are special, according to the latest article I’ve read back in the day. 20 % of the human population on the Globe poses the “Wanderlust” gene, DRD4-7R, that’s directly related to dopamine level.

So, travelling is like chocolate: the more you enjoy it, the more you need to have it.

Have a special 2018 filled with amazing travel stories to come and why not, some lavish chocolate bites.

We’ll be right here, at the start: Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

Happy 2018!

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