Seychelles brief

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The story begins as we’ve been together for half a year. And the gentleman asks me where we are going to celebrate the New Year. Has to be without agglomeration, to avoid the Prahova Valley, to be over 0 degrees Celsius, that is a bustle in Europe, I better find something where it is warmer, like an island. And we start with Europe again, and we come to Asia and jokes of Bora-Bora, and what if to go to Seychelles.

And now the question was “who was in the Seychelles and what do they know about the islands.” I have not heard a word from friends. At enemies I did not dare to draw attention: D So I asked my friend Google and it delivered the super website of life: and keep it together people! There are normal prices for a luxury destination. And these people give you all the information you may ever need: accommodation on all islands, transfers between islands, flights with Air Seychelles both internally and internally, also give you local agents to provide you with all the necessary comfort.

Paradise. This is it!

And as we said the agency gave us a split on three main islands, four nights accommodation on each of the islands and so that we can choose where we like the most when we return. Because we’re so back!

Arriving in Seychelles is on the big island of Mahe, where about 90% of the state’s population resides. And that’s what you can see especially in the northern area of ​​the island, where is the Beau Vallon area, which is the point of attraction (aka little Miami) of the party people.

From the southern area, however, you can take the ferry or speedboat to Praslin, which is the second largest island and connects it with the smaller ones. I say “you can take” the speedboat because I do not recommend it because of sea sick. Let’s level here: I don’t have seasick. But a speedboat on the waves of the Indian ocean on a bad day with a storm off the coast? Under no circumstances, friends! It’s a nightmare to see how the ship’s bottoms rise and drops on a small, small, 4-meter-long wave. So I recommend, with all my heart, take the internal flight, 20 euros in addition to the speedboat.

And once you get to Praslin, you can take the ferryboat that takes just 12 minutes to reach La Digue Island or you can rent various boats for transfer to other small nearby islands.

In the category of other small islands, there are about 110 granitic and coraline islands, including an atoll (Aldabra) registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. You still need to have lots of time and money to see at least half in a lifetime. We don’t. But we settle to revisit time and time again the same one:)

La Digue is the pearl that has stolen our minds and hearts. It has the most spectacular beaches in the world. And the most relaxed and good people in the area. Obviously we’ve made friends for life here.

But about Alvis and Birgit I want to write in another article because they mean a lot to me, to us.

Bois D’amour rocked my world! See you soon!

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