Hermannstadt is ready for Christmas!

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Me too! Although I did not plan to shop for Christmas, I could not help…

We arrived at Sibiu in the evening and we left our car at some distance from the old center because there was no free space in all the parking lots around the fortress. I advise you to do the same. Not because it’s sensational to move more, and I’m not bragging about the 5.5 km walk through the fair. Walk encouraged by a langos, right at the start. The fair is visited by many people, especially on weekends. So not so much parking space.

And every step you make is best to look down because there are little elves running from parents in search of Santa. And wait till they find him … Some kids start to pour the list, others make fools of the photographers and start crying 🙂 Seriously, one of the guys even struggled to sell the magnetic picture by making some camels driving like sounds. I have a video proof!

Shall I focus a little? Impossible.

By the time I got to the fair, I had the impression that I was a grownup. I have two words: Not quite!

The second I saw the lights and the lights projections on the buildings, I started to blend into the sea of ​​people holding their heads high at each of the 100 cabanas. But I’ll try!

What you find at the fair:

  • Santa’s Workshop: It has several sessions for children and parents. I don’t know exactly what’s going on inside because we got there late but the children were excited.

  • Globes! My favorites: glass, painted, I also bought one. And there are textiles, ceramics, wood, hand-painted ones. Super!

Tip: Take one of each! For Christmas

  • Cakes. I have nothing to say except there are over 25 little houses with home-made cakes. And that we had a childhood moment in the marketplace, with awed children looking at our cherry cake stuffed faces. A Dream!

  • Mulled wine. No brainer
  • Hats: fur, knitted, labeled Made in Romania and Made in China and friends. Works!

  • Carousel If only there was no cue, I’d already put my eyes on a pony

  • Trains for children
  • The kitsch free atmosphere.

Go to Sibiu until Christmas or even spend it there if you are with your family and friends. It is a city that knows how to party and treats the guests as they should.

PS: Hide your noses in scarves as I stood in Santa’s lap and he said something about snow!

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