So, this is Christmas, what a happy time!

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Well, not exactly now, we still have some weeks before the major C time. But then again, who waits till Christmas for shopping or even celebrating?

Some might say that one needs strategy planning to get through the holiday season shopping spree. So this is what I normally do. I make a list, check the account balance, check the list again and make a run for it 🙂

Really, wouldn’t you like to have fun doing the Christmas gift shopping? More to it, who wouldn’t like to have fun, shop some unique gifts and travel all at the same time?

This is why Christmas fairs or Markets are all prepped for the world. And they are literally in every town I know, even in some small villages, with tradition.

Well, to let you have just an idea of the most interesting Christmas markets around Europe, here goes my top 10:

Top 10 European Christmas markets:

  1. Munchen, Germany

The fair starts around 27th of November until 24th of December and it is something else.

Highlights: the Krampus Run and the train trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

2.  Prague, Czech Republic

2nd of December till 6th of January

Highlights: Wenceslas Square glass and crystal crafted goods sales

3. Brussels, Belgium

24th of November until 31st of December

Highlights: all the Chocolate you might need and the Sound and Light Show

4. Sankt Petersburg, Russia

17th of December – 8th of January

Highlights: 5 different fairs plus the Gatchina Palace visit, the home for 4 Romanov generations.

5.  Tallinn, Estonia

17th of November to 6th of January

Highlights: Folk and Cabaret Dances

6. Sibiu, Romania

17th of November – 3rd of January

Highlights: lights projections on the Town Square buildings and the Santa’s workshops for kids

7. Amsterdam, Holland

29th of November until 7st of January

Highlights: 26 different fairs around town and the Light Festival.

8. Vienna, Austria

18th November to 26th of December

Highlights: Christmas workshops for children with cinnamon cookies

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

18th of November to 31st December

Highlights: The Tivoli Garden fair and 8 more

10. Gothenburg, Sweden

25th November till 7th of January

Highlights: 3 km long Lane of Lights and the famous “glogg”.


Now that’s what I call a good, spicy choices list, sprinkled with pixie dust and Christmas carols now and than.

Happy traveling!


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