Discounts for BF 2017, who does not want to travel cheap?!

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I’m in pole position since last weekend. It’s like I can just hear: “Hold your places, get ready: discounts!” Geez. Really, I’m not hunting discounts. But as long as it is happening, it means God gave the Human an idea, and Ta-da he created Back Friday! God just did not give him the tip for nothing, right? And who am I not to say good to the Lord?

And as I was thinking that Christmas is coming and it’s time to be good to ourselves and those around us  I started navigating through ads and discount offers. And I made a short list. In fact, more short lists, all in brief.

Which companies already announced their discount offers for holidays until this morning?

Airline category:

  1. RyanAir
  2. Blue Air
  3. Wizz Air
  4. Tarom

Agencies category:

  1. Directbooking

Bonus news: Emag will be selling discount vouchers for Tarom and various tourist packages!!!

And if you are not satisfied with the hustle and bustle or you have not found what you are looking for, you have a chance from November 24th to November 27th, on Skyscanner, that’s when their Black Friday 2017 session is happening.

In conclusion: if you must get some exciting destinations watch your six, before accessing alerts for discounts on winter tires, trolleys, boots, cosmetics, jeans, kitchen aid (honestly if you see some send me a message ), small freezer, flip-flops, Honda trunk net ….

As I said, I do not stick to my laptop but alerts are already on the phone!

God speed on purchases on November 17!

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